Class in ChivalrousGames.DungeonMaster / Inherits from MonoBehaviour


Room Nav mesh link. Generates off mesh links to use with RoomNavMeshManager. May raise “Coroutine continue failure” error messages that you can safely ignore. Must be a child element of a Room.


navMeshAgentTypes List The NavMesh agent types for this dynamic link
navMeshArea int The NavMesh area for this dynamic link
bidirectional bool If true, the link can be traversed in both directions; otherwise, only from start to end position.
costModifier float If positive, overrides the pathfinder cost to traverse the link.
startPosition Vector3 Start position of the link.
endPosition Vector3 End position of the link.
width float If positive, the link will be rectangle aligned along the line from start to end.


TrackRoomNavMeshLink bool Gets or sets a value indicating whether this RoomNavMeshLink is tracked. Tracking a room’s NavMeshLink has an impact on performance. When the system detects changes to the NavMeshLink, it will dynamically attached a refreshed NavMeshLink to the NavMesh. Use this only when you expect changes to a NavMesh link but not to the room’s NavMesh. If the whole Room NavMesh is suvject to change, do not track changes to the NavMesh link since a tracked NavMesh refresh will refresh all of its links.
TrackedInstances List ReadOnly
Gets the tracked instances. These are the RoomNavMeshLink that may change during runtime.


public void RefreshLink();

Refreshes the link for the NavMesh.