A little shameless promotion and auto-congratulations

Hey everyone,

I had some good news in that last few weeks and I thought I would share them... because a little shameless promotion and a bunch of auto-congratulations is always well received, yeah?  :p

An exclusive sale!

In order to promote the paid versions of their program, Unity decided to launch an asset store sale exclusive for Unity Plus and Unity Pro users and invited me to participate in the sale!  So, if you have Unity Plus or Unity Pro, you can get the Dungeon Master (full or lite edition) at a 20% discount!  Pretty neat!  There are hundreds of assets discounted for Unity Plus or Unity Pro users, so I guess if you buy a lot of assets, it could actually become cheaper to have a paid version of Unity than paying full price for assets.

If you're interested into these paid versions of Unity, follow these links:

Unity Plus and Unity Pro

Dungeon Master Full Edition

Dungeon Master Lite Edition

Great reviews!

In the last month, I received a whooping 4 reviews and they are all 5 stars reviews with comments! Yeah! One of these reviews actually favorably compared the Dungeon Master with other level building assets! Oh yeah! I'm super grateful! (Thank you boysenberry!)

I think I reached a milestone, because since these 4 reviews came in, for a while the Dungeon Master appeared on the first results page of its category for the following criteria: rating, popularity, relevance and updated. Now it shows on the second page for a couple of these.

So yeah, that's about it for this month! I'm still working on modular level generation of course and making some progress. But it's a lot of work, so it will take some time before it's ready.

Talk to you soon!

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