A sale, a birthday and what’s up with you guys?

Hi guys!

First things first: Unity is having a huge sale on a lot of assets starting right now!  Check it out!

A sale?

So the banner says that best-selling assets are 50% off.  Which is very cool!  Unfortunately the Dungeon Master isn't considered a best-selling asset, but it is still at a 30% discount for the duration of this sale.  Not bad at all!

Another birthday!

Yep!  January marked Chivalrous Games first birthday, but this time it's the Dungeon Master's first birthday!  Yeah!  And it's still going strong.  I have a lot of plans in mind for this baby.  It's not going fast (having a family and a full time job also makes it hard to go fast), but it's coming along.

Which leads me to ask:

What's up with you guys?

Sometimes, when I sell a Dungeon Master, I offer some support to jump start a project.  We discuss a little, I learn about your projects and when the issues and questions go away...  I don't have news anymore! 😮

Guys: I want to know what you're doing!  How is it going?  What are you doing with the Dungeon Master?  Do you want to talk about your project?  You're very welcome to share!

You can do it in this blog post comments, or do it in the forums. By the way the forums look a little more alive right now thanks to T.Z!

So that's about it for this month.

I hope to hear from you soon!

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