A series of unfortunate events

I'm not talking about the tv series or the books here, but rather what happened to me this month!
This was a month of ups and downs... And almost a full month lost for development. 😲

Sale Results!

The month started very well with the May madness sale on the asset store.  I had quite a lot of sales compared to other DM months.  In fact, May has been my best month ever for sales.  Yeah!  😃  But it has a very understandable side-effect: I had a lot of support to offer.  A lot of people emailed me asking "Hey, I'm trying to do this, is it possible with the DM?  If yes, how?" or "I can't get my dungeon to generate, did I mess something up?".  Granted, this is absolutely normal, and I'm not complaining about offering support (I even like it, it's cool to discuss with people about their projects), but wow does this takes time away from development!  So the first 2 weeks of the month, I wasn't able to do much dev...

Unity dev day!

Then I got an invitation to the Unity dev day in Montreal with free tickets!  Woohoo!!!  I was super excited to attend the event!  But then I catched... something.  Doctors told me it was a virus, but they can't tell me which.  I got very sick, fainted, was brought to the hospital by ambulance, was in pain for almost 2 weeks, couldn't even type on my keyboard!  So I couldn't attend the event.  😢  And there goes another 2 weeks of dev...

Unity 2018!

Then Unity 2018 was released!  Cool, upgrades to .NET framework and C#! 😃  Installed it in one of my development environments and then saw that mono develop wasn't supported anymore.  Oh well!  I installed Visual Studio community 2017... and it won't work.  I can install visual studio, but for some reason, it won't install Unity dev tools with it (something about my windows version), searched on the net, couldn't find any solution.  At least, my other dev environment works.  One of my 2 dev environments just won't allow me to debug...  That's a serious bump in the road.  I hope Visual Studio Code will allow to debug Unity projects soon, because I'm not happy right now... 😞


So yeah, that's pretty much a whole month down the drain for Dungeon Master development. And I foresee a slow down until I resolve the "I can't debug" issue.
So there, you have it, a series of unfortunate events: 3 good news followed followed by 3... less good outcomes.
Well, at least things should improve right now.  I mean things can always be worse, but I think standing where I am right now, odds are in favor of improvement  (fingers crossed!)
Talk to you soon!

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