After one month part time…

It's already been one month, working part time for Chivalrous Games.  Wow, time flies fast!

Although I made incredible progress, I'm not sure I will be able to meet my "before winter" deadline for my next release.  This modular level generation stuff IS a lot of work.  Maybe I will remove some stuff in the next release...  I wanted to release at least 3 level generation modules:

  1. LegacyLevelGenerator: which is pretty much a copy of what is already there.  It's messy, but it works well since it runs for my clients right now and does for over a year and pretty much everyone is happy with it.
  2. DefaultLevelGenerator: a new, streamlined, efficient way to generate levels.  Less options, but less generation errors (not that there ever was a lot of these, but still...)  This is the generator I'm working on right now.  The code is much cleaner and is much easier to extend or adapt to everyone's particular needs.
  3. SpiralLevelGenerator: This came as a surprise to me, but a lot of my clients would like to generate levels following an inward or outward spiral pattern!  This is great for outdoors.  It is a great tool to create islands where water is outside and land inside.  It's also great to create levels where the center is the starting point of the level and the edges are increasingly... something else!  For example: the further the character explores, the harder the game gets.  This SpiralLevelGenerator would be based on the DefaultLevelGenerator and would make a great extension example for people who want to do their own.

So yeah, that was the initial plan.  But I'm not sure I will have time to do the SpiralLevelGenerator.  If not, it will be released later on.  But, I recently had a lot of exchanges with one of my client that does a 2D top-down rogue-like shooter game (and it looks great!) and he asked me for a a new feature that was further down on my roadmap and he found a bug with the map system.  So I was sidetracked for a while to help him out.  But it's all good since the new feature and bug fix are included in the next release and everyone will get them.  🙂

Oh, that new feature?  It's the ability to override a connectors image on the map.  So, for example, you can decide that a door connector is represented by a white door icon by default on your map...  But a couple of particular doors could have their own specific icon and not the white one.  It allows for a richer and more versatile map.

Well, that's it for now.  Back to work!

Talk to you soon!

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