Beta test of runtime features completed

Things are moving along nicely. We are still on track for a late Winter / early Spring release of the Dungeon Master. My beta testers didn't find many bugs with the Dungeon Master features. Fingers crossed that they tested thoroughly! I'm joking, I trust them, they are professionals.

I also completed the technical reference for the Dungeon Master code. It's all online, links to Unity's reference and to Wikipedia when relevant. It's also attached to the scripts of the Dungeon Master.

I'm very excited! I started working with 3rd Party assets, to showcase and beta test the runtime features of the Dungeon Master at the same time. It looks very good! I should begin the User Manual and create video tutorials shortly.

Here's a little screenshot of the Unity Editor after a dungeon generation. You can see the time it took the dungeon master to generate 5 levels, connect them together and spread keys and spawnables around. Lightning fast!



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