Busy busy busy…

So yeah… it turns working at Unity is much more involved than I realized at first. Spring and summer came and went and I still haven’t found enough time to work on my assets or games. And here is the catch: although these are my projects and I love working on them I feel the urge to do so less and less. A part of that is due to the fact of passing time, but also to the fact that what I do at Unity is so much fun!

I think I’m going to give myself some more time. Working on my projects was pretty intense before… We’ll see how this turns out this season. 😊

Talk to you later!

2 thoughts on “Busy busy busy…”

  1. I can understand busy, that’s for sure. As a full-time developer and my family it’s very hard to find time for my game but I do give time to it when I can.

    Fortunately, your asset is pretty feature rich as it is so perhaps the main goal for you right now is to ensure that the asset is compatible with the new versions of Unity (this is a big deal) and perhaps occasional user requests that are relatively small or easy enough to do (or show stopping bugs.)

    1. Hi Steve! 🙂
      I admit that I was pretty much weighting two options: invest more time and keep improving the asset -or- deprecate it. But simply maintaining it as is seems like an interesting middle ground. I will consider it!
      Thanks for your thought! 😀

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