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Things are going well with the Dungeon Master! But I think a late Winter release is out of the question, there is only one month left until Spring! I'm pretty sure the Dungeon Master will be submitted to Unity in the next month, or if I hit a roadblock, in April. After that, who knows? Unity will take some time to look at the asset and then will approve, reject or ask for changes. Since it's the first time I submit an asset to Unity, I'm not sure about the time frame. But since I work very hard to produce an asset of the highest quality, I think they will be interested by it and may not ask for many changes... But the Dungeon Master is quite big, it does a lot of stuff, so the evaluation period may take some time.

And recently, I started the official Chivalrous Games YouTube channel! Yeah! 😀
Here is the link toward my channel:

And I already have 3 videos uploaded for the Dungeon Master.  A presentation video (that I will embed at the bottom of this post) and two tutorials.  Looking pretty neat!

And by listening to the videos I realize that I have developed an habit of talking with a hushed voice since my daughter is sleeping in the room right next to my computer!!!  😀

Let me know what you think of the videos!

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