Dungeon Master 1.3.2 released!

Hey everyone!

As promised, I released Dungeon Master v1.3.2 during the month, just before I started working at Unity (What?  I'm working for Unity? :p)  Yeah!  Delivery on time as promised! 🙂

This version has the elements that were scoped out of the previous release: the spiral level generator, a couple of bug fixes and I updated the asset to fit with Unity 2019.

Since I started my new job, I've been ramping up and putting in hours to learn new things.  So basically DM and my new game prototype are on ice for the immediate future.  Although I still offer support for the Dungeon Master, so business as usual on this front.

I don't expect (and certainly not promise) any development for June. I can't see that far ahead, so my projects will have to wait.

I may have a better grasp of things next month.  I'll keep you informed.

Talk to you soon!

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