Dungeon Master gets a terrific review!

Working as a one man team on a Unity asset can be a lonely business at times. If you have no one around that is very tech savvy or if no one is interested into the way games are created, you don't often get the chance to talk about what you do. So I always welcome feedback on my work. Recently, I got a terrific review from one of the Dungeon Master users! I am so happy that I feel I have to share it!

It is available on the Unity asset store for everyone to see (here), but since it is not considered a "most helpful" review, it unfortunately doesn't show up in the first three reviews. If you want to help this review get the place it deserves, please go to the website, select the option "show all reviews" and check this review as helpful.

Here is the whole review:
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As said before, this is a very! powerful and well-written​ asset. Even if it's just the first version, the capabilities are huge. Performance is fluent. It does, however, takes a while to get used to. However, I've printed out the extensive manual (80pages) and read it as a book in my free time, slowly but surely you'll get the idea and workflow behind this amazing asset.

It's complicated enough to write a detailed list of the capabilities of this asset, I suggest to simply watch the intro videos to get a good idea.

I absolutely adore the performance of this asset. As a test, I created a 100x100 level on my 5-year-old MacBook pro and it ran better than I expected. There are some very clever tricks that are pulled of in the algorithm.

A small suggestion would be to add the ability to randomize the seed in the editor without external scripts. It would make the level testing a bit easier. But that is just a minor detail.
For now, I've just created a custom script that randomises the seeds in the editor.

The author is by far the best support I've ever had in the store. Fluent, friendly, well written, always on par, and he gave me even a little bit of inside information of what is to come for this amazing asset.

I am looking forward to the next tier in the asset.
5 stars, 10 if I could!

Thanks a lot zero_equals_zero! 😀

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