Dungeon Master Lite v1.0.2 released! (+ asset store issue?)

Good news! The Dungeon Master Lite is now available on the asset store. It took about 3 weeks for it to be approved and appear on the asset store. So it got there in June! Yeah! I released it at version 1.0.2 along with the Dungeon Master (full version) at 1.0.2. I will keep both the full and the lite versions in sync. That should keep the whole “upgrade from lite to full” process simple.

On a side note, what the hell is happening on the asset store right now? One morning, I logged in to see that the Dungeon Master (full version) was on sale at 33% off. Ok, great I thought! The asset store didn’t warn me about the sale but I jumped right on it to advertise the sale everywhere. Only to learn later on that users weren’t seeing the sale at all… After a couple of tests, I realized that I might be the only one the see the sale. If I log off, the asset reverts back to the original price. Me = unhappy. My potential customers = unhappy and confused.

I opened up a ticket with Unity support to figure this out. I hope they will find some way to compensate me for this mess, like putting my asset on sale for real. I’ll let you know what happens with this!

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