Dungeon Master Lite Sent!

A couple of days ago, I submitted the Dungeon Master Lite to the asset store for evaluation. I received a message from the asset store team which pretty much said that they are swamped right now and will review it as soon as they can. So somehow I doubt that the Dungeon Master Lite version will be available in June like I wanted. The full version of the Dungeon Master was in evaluation for about a month and I didn’t receive a message up front asking for patience!

After trying multiple solutions, I finally decided how to provide the Dungeon Master Lite. I tried with a compiled DLL first, so only the customer who bought the full version of the Dungeon Master would have the source code… But I figured, what the hell! Customers with the Lite version will probably be happy to have the source code too. It’s just so much easier to extend, modify and understand. And, let’s be honest, it’s so easy to de-compile a DLL these days, it’s not even worth it to “protect” the code in a DLL. By the way, of course the features exclusive to the full version are not included in the source code of the Lite version.

So, Lite version users: enjoy the source code! 😀

I am already working on version 1.1.0 for both versions of the Dungeon Master. Currently, I’m mostly scoping what I will do in version 1.1.0, but the main feature I want to add is runtime generation of navmesh, which is one of the most requested new features. I plan to release it sometime this summer.

See you soon!

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