Dungeon Master Lite v1.1.0 released! (+ a new mystery side projet?)

Hey everyone!

Version 1.1.0 of the Dungeon Master and Dungeon Master Lite were released earlier this week. With this new version, the special launch price of the full version came to an end. Now both assets are at their regular price. But I entered the Unity asset store sales promotion and hope that my assets will be selected soon. If that happens, I’ll keep you guys informed!

So I met my “late summer / early fall” release target date, although many features were removed. The dynamic NavMesh feature was much more complicated than I thought it would be. I actually tried 3 different approaches and only the third one was really appropriate. That was a learning experience. From now on, I will plan for smaller releases. Either minor releases with a couple of minor enhancements or major releases with a single big feature.

So what’s next? I’m currently planning a minor release for the Dungeon Master. I know some of you can’t wait for the next big features like rooms of different shape/sizes and dungeon character teams, but I spent a lot of energy on the dynamic NavMesh feature and I need to breathe a little. Furthermore, I had an idea for another asset. I am in the analysis and exploration phase right now. And I’m doing this in collaboration with another developer! That will take some of my time, but if it passes the proof of concept stage, it has great potential. That little side project should help me get some air too.

I’ll tell you more as things move on!

Talk to you soon!

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