Dungeon Master v1.1.0 coming soon!

Hey everyone,

My vacation is almost over and I got the breakthrough I wanted for dynamic NavMesh generation: it is easy to implement in a project, it is very good performance wise, it integrates perfectly with the Dungeon Master and it looks a lot like Unity did in their examples. I’m confident the Dungeon Master users will like it! I am almost done with the tests. Next steps are: update the documentation, create a couple of tutorial videos and release version 1.1.0! Both the Dungeon Master full and lite version will have all the new features.

Unfortunately, I took a very long amount of time to create the dynamic NavMesh features. So, to avoid pushing back the release date, I ended up removing a lot of other features I wanted to include in v1.1.0. These features will be there eventually, but not in the next release. On the other hand, there are a couple of features that were not planned for this release that I did. I needed these features to help me be more productive, so they will be shipped with the new version.

I think I should be able to submit the new version to Unity during September. If not, then it should definitely be in October.

Talk to you soon!

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