Dungeon Master Version 1.2.0 released

Hey everyone,

As promised, I released version 1.2.0 of the Dungeon Master a couple of weeks ago!

Here is a snapshot of one of the new features.

After the release, I took a small break from the Dungeon Master to push a little further in the "mysterious side project".  Things are looking quite good with the proof of concept.  I still have a little more work to accomplish before I take the decision: do it or don't...

I started working on the next Dungeon Master version today, which should be version 1.3.0.  This one is a pretty major release: I want to add the modular level generation system in the Dungeon Master.  Which means it will be easier to create various algorithms to generate levels.  I will be able to develop some user requests regarding specific level generation systems - AND - give the Dungeon Master users the ability to create their own level generation algorithms!  Good Stuff!  I expect it will take a couple of months to complete this.  Hopefully, it will be done early or mid  summer.

Talk to you soon!

2 thoughts on “Dungeon Master Version 1.2.0 released”

  1. Thanks Boysenberry Payne! 🙂 I’m pretty excited too!
    By the way, I’m happy to meet you!

    (Wow, this looks like the first legitimate non-spam comment I receive on one of my posts! :P)

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