Dungeon Master Version 1.2.1 released

Hey everyone,

After writing last month's post I took some time to consider the situation and my options.

Fact 1: development is not progressing as fast as it used to

Fact 2: unless something changes, development is not going to go faster anytime soon

Fact 3: I'm working on fundamental changes that take time to implement and test

Fact 4: some users reported bugs and even though I provided patches these users, I have to release a general fix sooner than later

Usually, when bugs were reported, I was releasing the bug fixes with the next release.  But now, I don't know when the next release is coming.  I was hoping to release modular level generators early this summer.  Well it's summer now and it's not ready at all.

So I decided to take some time off the modular level generators to create a mini-release to fix bugs and annoying warnings that appeared in the latest Unity version(s).

So there you go, I released version 1.2.1 of both Dungeon Master editions.  Unfortunately there are no new features, but bug fixes should be appreciated anyway!

And now, back to work on modular level generators.  This time, I won't commit to a date, since I don't know what will happen this summer.  If there is a lot of support requests, it will take more time.  But I hope support will calm down a little and let me develop more.

I also have to think seriously about a more permanent solution...  How do I get more time to work on the Dungeon Master?  Any millionaire in here who want to finance me?  That would be the easiest solution!

Talk to you soon!

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