Dynamic NavMesh?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working on dynamic NavMesh for a while it seems. I still don’t have “the” solution though. I’ve tried a couple of things, some were very neat: like a level-based NavMesh that auto-updated attached to the Dungeon Master rendering system. But nothing that felt good performance-wise. Now I’m working on a room-based NavMesh that seems like it’s going to work well enough. So it look longer than I expected. Because of that, I’m going to scope out some of things I wanted for version 1.1 and concentrate almost exclusively on the dynamic NavMesh system.

Good news though, I will be on vacation in a couple weeks! More time to work on the Dungeon Master! Yeah!… Oh and I should take time go out of the house also. 😉

And I never got info back from Unity’s support even if I asked a couple of times about the asset store mess-up and the Dungeon Master sale. I’m pretty angry with them. But what can I do…

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