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    Hi there all,

    Thought I would say hello and introduce myself 😀

    Folks just generally call me Tz it’s a nick I have had for years, being an abbreviation of a character name I used in games, which I must admit was a bit of a mouthful for some to say – Tziankarisch 😀

    I have always wanted to have a go at making something, and my artistic skills fail miserably, so I thought about maybe making something like a little game with coding. That is where it stayed for many years, just a thought… I had helped out others with configs and bug fixing a minecraft server here and there but real life barely left me any time to play games let alone make one :O

    That is until now when I am medically retired, now I have the spare time to do all those things in life that I have wanted to do or try, on the days of better weather I have my gardens, which we are slowly landscaping, about time, have only been trying to get around to doing them for the 11yrs we have lived here so far 😛

    But for the days of rain, and we get a lot of them here, I decided to finally do something about that game idea, and now I have been doing this for just over a month, tons and tons of tutorials to get a basic idea, and that also helped me to decide what elements I want to have in my game.

    My partner is the arty type, he enjoys making 3D models, animations, scenery etc etc so the hope is one day that between us we can make a little game that we can play together and/or with friends. Anything beyond that to us is a bonus 😀

    So thanks for reading,



    Hi Tz!

    It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for this introduction! By the way, I like your avatar! lol! You’re very welcomed to share progress of your project in the forums if you wish.

    By the way, I can relate a bit with you: having game ideas living in my brain for a while a just not having enough time to create them. I’m also not much of an artist, so coding is the way to go for me. You’re lucky to have an artist for a partner!

    I hope to be able to reduce my full time job to a part time job and spend the extra time on my own projects before 2020. Is it just me or 2020 absolutely sounds like science fiction… Wait… Am I getting old? 😮

    I hope you succeed in realizing your project!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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