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    Hi Vincent,

    This one is a curiosity question, do we currently have or would it be possible to state which type of room a connector can connect to as well as the connector type.

    I have a room which is a narrow corridor, I of course would like that to have walls either side of it when viewed from a wider room.

    I have tried having the walls attached to the corridor, and setting a connector type to them that matches one on the larger room.
    I have also tried using the connector to spawn them in, from both angles ie the connector on the larger room or the one on the corridor.

    I have also tried having 2 corridor rooms one middle section and one end section.

    the problem I have is that sometimes (less with having 2 types of corridor room) the corridor will join to itself, cos it can, I can only see that I can connect connectors to other of their type, so yeah sometimes they connect to themselves so to speak, its worse if I try putting the large room’s connector to spawn the walls cos then sometimes you get random walls in what should be a large open room, so that is not an option.

    It is not a terrible issue, at least in our test/learning environment, we are setting the back of the walls to the same colour (black) as the skybox (isometric viewing) and can just adjust positioning by 0.01 to stop the artifacting of 2 sets of walls on top of each other..

    Just curious really, if it would be possible to have a bool variable for something like “can I connect to rooms like me?”

    Hope I have explained that well enough


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    Hi T.Z.

    About the walls attached and intersecting:
    I’m not sure I got all of that about the overlay of elements. If you could sketch the issue for me, I think it would help me a lot to understand.

    About corridors connecting with corridors:
    There is a system to control connections with more accuracy than the basic “same connector type”. You can use regions to control how your rooms connect. I think it is pretty well explained (with graphics and examples) in the user guide (full version), chapter 15: Regions.

    Basically, if you do not want your corridors to connect to other corridors (aka: there must always be a room between 2 corridors) you can achieve this by creating 2 regions. For example, one region called “corridor_region” and another one called “room_region”. So when you configure your room connector point on a corridor, you uncheck the option “toward any region” and you select the region(s) toward which this connector can lead. So on the corridor connector point you would choose to connect only toward the “room_region”. That way, the corridors cannot connect with each other, only with rooms. If you want to have rooms connect themselves only with corridors, then you do the same for rooms: choose to connect only toward the “corridor_region”. Or if you want your rooms to also connect towards rooms, you can leave the “toward any region” option checked.

    This system requires more configuration than the checkbox you suggested, but it allows for more control since you can select a set of regions rather than a simple on/off toward myself.

    I hope this helps you out. And if you can send me a little screenshot, or drawing of the other issue, then I’ll help you out on this as well.



    Ah regions, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, I will get stuck into that section of the manual thanks.

    If i have understood you right, configuring regions with my connectors should solve it all, will let you know how I get on, you are a star!, I am really enjoying learning all this stuff, and already we have seen some very promising layouts coming out of just a little tinkering with spawning weights, and yet still so much to learn 😀

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    Great! I’m happy you like it! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you achieve!


    Set up 2 regions today, one for rooms and one for corridors, i have just put my corridor_end into the corridor one, and my open room and preset room into the rooms, it works perfectly thanks.

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