Happy new year & birthday!

Chivalrous Games is now one year old!

Wow, what an incredible first year!  I had a ton of fun working on the Dungeon Master, I discussed with very talented game developers and helped them a little with their projects, I participated in the Unity Cyber Monday sale and got my first "paychecks" from Unity.  All of this is very satisfying.  I'm super happy to be on this adventure!

For next year, I have to decide what to do with my secret second asset: make it happen or drop it.  I have two proof of concepts to complete before I can take this decision.  The first one is well under way and the second one is not started yet.  Unfortunately, this project causes delays with new features for the Dungeon Master, but I think it is worth it.  I keep working on the Dungeon Master as well, but at a slower rate.

So anyway, birthdays and new years are the appropriate time to celebrate and make wishes.  I wish to you all to find your passion in life and to have the will to pursue it.  And if you already do, then I wish you to have all the success in your endeavor!

Happy new year everyone!

And now for some celebration!

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