HotFixes done!

Hi guys!

Quick follow up on last month: it turns out the issues that were reported to me about the Dungeon Master and Unity 2018.3.2 were bugs within Unity! I ended up coding workarounds and fixes as fast as I could, only to find out that Unity 2018.3.6 had official fixes for the very same issues. Oh well! At last DM users were able to work until version 2018.3.6 came out. 🙂

If you are still having issues, update Unity to 2018.3.6 and you should be good to go.

I started working on the new version of the Dungeon Master. I started by removing all the workarounds (double the work!) and now I’m working on the spiral level generator that I wanted to include in the last release. It’s coming along nicely!

I don’t want to bloat out the next release, so depending on how much time I need to finish the spiral level generator, the next release might be just the generator (plus bug fixes, enhancements, elimination of obsolete stuff, etc.)

Oh I almost forgot! Have you guys seen the new ECS system coming for Unity (Entity/Component/System)? That’s crazy! 😀 I have on my roadmap some improvements to do to the DM to increase the performance even more (mostly for the renderer), looks like the DM is going to dive into ECS goodness eventually! Here is the link toward the ECS introduction for those interested:

Introduction to ECS

Alright, back to work! Talk to you soon!

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