How to juggle 4 projects at a time?

Soooo...  This was a crazy month.  I've been juggling 4 projects at the same time:

  1. The Dungeon Master next release (of course)
  2. A game jam with a friend (see Homonculus)
  3. A new game prototype (code name "CG", technical POC done, starting gameplay loop POC asap)
  4. A new mysterious project that has the potential to alter the fate of Chivalrous Games (ok, that was a little too dramatic)

Even facing that huge amount of work, I've managed to make a lot of progress for the next Dungeon Master release.  And I'm de-scoping stuff (again) so you guys can get your hands on new stuff without waiting for too long.

If the new game prototype POC loop goes well, I may put Dungeon Master development on ice for a while.  A new project would feel refreshing, it has the potential to become a new revenue stream and the Dungeon Master can stand on its two feet for a little while.  I'm not dropping the Dungeon Master (that just wouldn't be acceptable to me or my customers), but the big game changers on the road map would be pushed back.

If the new mysterious project comes to fruition... then I really don't know what might happen.  But if it happens, I will keep you guys informed.

Talk to you soon!

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