More time means more possibilities!

Where is the new release?

Well, it's not ready yet but this month I reached the releasable mark.  It means that all the features that absolutely need to be in the next version are there!  Woohoo!  Now I have a lot of testing and debugging and documentation to do before I actually release the new version but we're getting there.

It won't have all the extra features I was hoping for, because there is no more time for this.  So the new features will have to wait for another version.  It, once again, took more time than I expected, this time for an entirely new reason!  And that brings me to the next topic.

What do you mean "more possibilities"?

Well, now that I have a full day each week to invest on Chivalrous Games, it means that I can do things that were simply not imaginable before.  Such as working freelance as a game developer. 🙂

Every now and then I get a little contract to work as a programmer on someone else's game.  It's great fun and it allows me to see how other games and assets are done!

But unfortunately, this comes at a cost: less time to work on the Dungeon Master.  I still have more time than I used to, be it means more delays.  Oh well, we'll get there someday.

So what are these games?

Sorry!  I can't talk about this yet!  Maybe in a couple of months, you will just have to wait until then.

Talk to you soon!

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