Mystery revealed

Last month I hinted at a "new mysterious project that has the potential to alter the fate of Chivalrous Games" and it looks like it is happening.  So, what is this project?  Well, it's not really a project... I've got a new job: Unity hired me! 😀  I can't overstate how excited I am!

It does change my life quite a bit though: longer hours, more work days, more commuting.  So, it does alter the fate of Chivalrous Games: I have much less time to invest on my own projects.  I expect the Dungeon Master development to enter a slow or sleeping phase.  I should release a new version next month though, but after that, I'm not sure. I will assess how much free time I get with my new job and then make a plan.

Furthermore, my new game prototype looks very good.  I'm still experimenting the gameplay loop which is still not quite right.  But it is very exciting.  I expect to prioritize this project over the Dungeon Master for a while, which unfortunately will slow down DM development even more.

But enough with the side effects, all of this calls for a celebration! 😀

Talk to you soon!


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