Class in ChivalrousGames.Common.Inspector / Inherits from PropertyAttribute


Property attribute class designed to use multiple PropertyDecorators to modify behavior and decorate fields displayed in the Unity inspector. The Property Attribute must always be used with at least one PropertyDecorator.

Usage Example

	typeof(MinFloatValuePropertyDecorator), 0f,
	typeof(MaxFloatValuePropertyDecorator), 360f)]
public float min;
//The DecoratedPropertyAttribute is used to decorate the "min" field with both a MinFloatValue property decorator and a MaxFloatValue property decorator.
//Both decorators in this case expect a single parameter. The parameters for a decorator are passed after the decorator itself is passed.


public DecoratedPropertyAttribute(params object[] propertyDecoratorAndParameters);
propertyDecoratorAndParameters object[] An array of objects containing property decorator types and their parameters, following pattern: typeof(MyDecorator1), MyDecoratorParam1, MyDecoratorParamN, typeof(MyDecoratorN), etc.
DecoratedPropertyAttribute A new instance of DecoratedPropertyAttribute