Change log

This page lists the various changes between versions
Dungeon Master v1.3.2[Unity asset]
Added Spiral Level Generator
Removed deprecated Prefab Helper
Bug fixes
Dungeon Master v1.3.1b[Unity asset]
HotFix to solved Unity crash issues at runtime when editing rooms
Dungeon Master v1.3.1a[Unity asset]
HotFix to solve lost prefab references issue between Dungeon / Levels.
Dungeon Master v1.3.1[Unity asset]
Upgraded to Unity 2018.3
Upgraded to new prefab workflow
Deprecated prefab helper
Bug fixes
Dungeon Master v1.3.0[Unity asset]
Upgraded to Unity 2018.2
New feature: various level generators can be used, easily extended and will work gracefully together. This is the main feature of this release.
New feature: manage level expansion policy: allows for more dead ends to appear within the center of the level and allows for more varied level shapes
New feature: now possible decrease RoomConnectors weight with usage, which allows for some connectors to become common while still giving them high chances to appear at least a couple of times. Ideal for secret passages, locked doors, etc.
New feature: override connector type images at the connector level. (thanks to Justin Heinen for the suggestion)User request
Improvement: Level generation with separated rooms groups now focus on connecting the separated room groups
Improvement: Level generation with separated presetrooms is now handled gracefullyFULL version only
Improvement: Level generation success rate is enhanced with the lock'n'key system retriesFULL version only
Improvement: Level generation performance enhanced with a more efficient retry systemFULL version only
Improvement: Better randomization of wall connectors
Bug fix: solve an issue with the character position on the map where the character would stop moving when its coordinate fell under 0. (thanks to Justin Heinen for the bug report)User request
Dungeon Master v1.2.1[Unity asset]
Upgraded to Unity 2018.1
Fixed bug that occurred when preset rooms were the only rooms with dungeon connectorsFULL version only
Fixed bug that occured when character was changing room and dungeon is not generating a map
Solved warning messages showing up in editor code since Unity upgrade
Dungeon Master v1.2.0[Unity asset]
Minimap refactoring: use camera templatesFULL version only
New map mode to do a gentle scrolling rather than room jumping, with a pointing arrow rather than a blinking blockFULL version only
Enhancements to room NavMesh cache system
New example scene to mimic the quick setup tutorial video ( request
New feature to save a dungeon generation report as a text fileUser request
Dungeon Master v1.1.1[Unity asset]
New options to control floor changes on the map
New modular journey calculator system
New generation type feature for spawnables
New custom properties for spawn points and connector points
Minor optimizations
Bug fixes in Dynamic NavMesh system
Dungeon Master v1.1.0[Unity asset]
Dynamic NavMesh system
Lightweight nested prefabs system
Minor upgrades to seed randomization system
Bug fixes
Dungeon Master v1.0.2[Unity asset]
Minor bug fixes
Uniformization to simplify upgrade from Dungeon Master Lite to the Dungeon Master full version
Dungeon Master v1.0.1[Unity asset]
Camera clear to color: temporary measure to prepare for minimap refactoring
Replace deprecated methods
Eliminate SortingLayer
Update deprecated methods
Write a small guide to explain how to solve the test scene issues
Add missing journey material
Dungeon Master v1.0.0[Unity asset]
Initial release