Escape the Sewers – Dungeon master demo

This small demo game features a level created 100% randomly with the Dungeon Master asset. (There is no demo created with the Dungeon Master Lite version at the current time, but most of this demo can be achieved with the Dungeon Master Lite version as well.) The game always begins with the same small level, but you can choose to start with a level of a different size and a different seed at any time. Finishing the game will allow you to start again in a new randomized dungeon of the size you want. This game was created under 50 hours, which included:

  • Preparing the project to record a tutorial (see it on YouTube)
  • Preparing the assets
  • Setting up the Dungeon Master configuration
  • Learning how 3rd party assets work and include them in the project
  • Learning how sound and music works in Unity and set it up
  • Learning how lighting works in Unity and set it up
  • Learning how water works in Unity and set it up
  • Testing the game

As you can see I spent a lot of time during these 50 hours learning stuff and putting it all together. If I had to do it again, it would take a lot less time.

50 hours to create this kind of game is really nothing. With the Dungeon Master, you have endless possibilities and replayability. Plus, it is super fun to work with!

Download the demo!

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Buy the Dungeon Master Lite on the asset store!

The demo game was made with the following assets. I highly recommend them!