Dungeon master documentation

This is the documentation main page for the Dungeon Master Lite Unity asset. Please refer to the Assets Documentation menu to find more information on the Dungeon Master and Dungeon Master Lite components. Much of the documentation is identical for the Dungeon Master and the Dungeon Master Lite. Look for tags “Lite version only” and “Full version only” to know which feature is available to each version.

Current asset version 1.3.2
Current documentation version 1.3.2

You can download the user guide here.

DungeonMaster-UserGuide_1.3.2.pdf 1.3.2
DungeonMaster-UserGuide_1.3.1.pdf 1.3.1
DungeonMaster-UserGuide_1.3.0.pdf 1.3.0
DungeonMaster-UserGuide_1.2.1.pdf 1.2.1
DungeonMaster-UserGuide_1.2.0.pdf 1.2.0
DungeonMaster-UserGuide_1.1.1.pdf 1.1.1
DungeonMaster-UserGuide_1.1.0.pdf 1.1.0
DungeonMaster-UserGuide_1.0.2.pdf 1.0.2
DungeonMaster-UserGuide_1.0.pdf 1.0