Class in ChivalrousGames.DungeonMaster


Level render configuration which can be changed at runtime.


beginTrigger RenderBeginTrigger What will trigger the render for this Level.
“In Range” means when Dungeon Character is close enough.
“Entry” means when Dungeon Character enters the Level.
“Always” means this Level is always fully rendered.
shape RenderShape The shape of the Level rendering around the Dungeon Character.
insideRange int The range at which Rooms are rendered around the Dungeon Character (when it is inside the Dungeon). Higher value means more Rooms rendered at the same time.
outsideRange int The range at which Rooms are rendered around the DungeonConnectors rooms (when the Dungeon Character is outside the dungeon). A range of 0 will not render rooms around the rooms with the dungeon connector. Range is calculated according to render shape as well. If render shape is Full, then Square shape is used for this feature.
defaultRoomWeight float How heavy (resource consuming) are the rendered Rooms for this Level. High value will limit the number of Rooms loaded in memory at the same time and will force destruction of far away Rooms. Each Room can override this value.