Class in ChivalrousGames.DungeonMaster / Inherits from BaseSpawnable


An element that spawns randomly into a Room such as an item, monster or scenery.


Types List<SpawnableType> Each type this Spawnable is associated to. Example: a boss could be both an “Enemy” type and an “Objective” type.
limiter Limiter The Limiter used to limit the amount of this Spawnable in a specified LimiterScope.
detached bool Check this option if Spawnable should be detached from its parent Room when it is spawned. Detached element are deactivated only when Dungeon Character leaves the Level. Example: you could spawn a dog in a backyard (Room) of a Village (Level) and the dog could follow the Character around until the Character leaves the village. Even if the backyard where the dog was spawned is unrendered, the dog won’t disappear. Also a detached spawnable won’t show an icon on the map and will not allow Journeys since it could move from Room to Room.