Class in ChivalrousGames.DungeonMaster / Inherits from DungeonRenderer


Renders the Dungeon as the Dungeon Character travels through it. Default implementation.


maxRenderMillis long The max time in millis the renderer can use to render rooms within a single second before yielding. High values will render more Rooms per frame but will can cause framerate drops. Low value will render less Rooms per frame but should have a lower impact of framerate.
renderPassesPerSecond int The number of render attempts per second. A high value with light rooms can result in a smoother experience. With heavy rooms, a lower value will be less laggy.


public override void Render (List startingRooms, DungeonRendererMode mode);
startingRooms List<Room> The room(s) where the render center should be; where the Dungeon Character or other cameras are located.
mode DungeonRendererMode The rendering mode to use.

Render the Dungeon based on the specified starting Room(s).