Class in ChivalrousGames.DungeonMaster


Holds configuration for Dungeon generation.


maxGenerationAttemptsintThe maximum attempts the Dungeon will try to generate itself with all levels before giving up. Each time the Dungeon attempts to generate itself, each Level can try to generate itself multiple times, as defined in the level generation configs.
createGenerationReportboolCheck this option to generate a report on the Dungeon generation. Use this to debug, don’t leave it checked in the finished project.
reportDungeonGenerationReportA reference toward the Level generation report. Will be auto-generated when Dungeon is generating if createGenerationReport is True.
characterLayerSingleUnityLayerSelect the layer for the Dungeon Character collisions. It will be use to detect the Character moving from room to room. It is essential for rendering and displaying the map. It is suggested to create a specific layer for this purpose called ‘DungeonCharacter’ and reserve it exclusively for this.
levelsList<Level>FULL version only
The levels to generate in this Dungeon.
levelConnectionsList<LevelConnectionConfig>FULL version only
The level connections to create for this Dungeon.
The same Levels can appear multiple times in this list if more than one LevelConnection is desired between these Levels.
levelLevelLITE version only
The level to generate in this Dungeon.
dungeonConnectionsList<DungeonConnection>The dungeon connections to create for this Dungeon. These connections are used to connect the Dungeon to the outside world. At least one dungeon connection is required in the Dungeon so lock and keys can be calculated. If there is no outside world, simply create a fake dungeon connection to use as the dungeon starting point.