Class in ChivalrousGames.DungeonMaster


Describes the behavior of the map common to the whole Dungeon.


useMapboolCheck this box to generate a map associated with this Dungeon.
mapCameraDistanceFromMapfloatThe distance between the map camera and map objects. For 2D map game objects, a value of 1 is enough. If you use 3d map objects, you may have to adjust this.
mapCameraDepthintLITE version onlyThe depth of the map camera. This should be higher than your main game camera so the minimap and map show on top of the main camera.
mapControllerMapControllerA Map controller for this dungeon. Allows the player to navigate in the fullmap, etc. An example is provided in the project with a GUI to show possibilities. A default version (very bare bones) is added automatically on the Dungeon if the Dungeon Creation wizard is used.