Class in ChivalrousGames.DungeonMaster / Inherits from: ScriptableObject


This class is used to determine where elements created by wizards will be stored. If this file is not supplied here “Resources/ChivalrousGames/DungeonMaster/WizardConfiguration” in the project folders, the Dungeon master will behave as if the WizardConfiguration was found with default values.


enforceStructure bool When this option is check, dungeon master items created by the wizard will be put a in a default folder structure. It helps to keep a tidy project.
pathTowardDungeonMasterData string The path where the DungeonMasterData will be created. When this value is null, the folder will be created directly under “Assets”. For example,if you want to place this folder here “Assets/MySuperGame/MyPrefabs/DungeonMasterData” enter the following value: “MySuperGame/MyPrefabs”