Class in ChivalrousGames.DungeonMaster


Legacy Level generation config. Holds configuration specific to the LegacyLevelGenerator.


generationStartTypeLegacyLevelGenerationStartTypeConfigure the starting point for the generation of the Level.
If you choose “Specified Starting Rooms”, you have to use the “Preset Room wizard” once this Level is created to add the starting Rooms.
generationFillTypeLegacyLevelGenerationFillTypeConfigure how the Level is filled with Rooms during the generation.
“Ordered Rooms And Ordered Directions” usually gives more linear levels.
“OrderedRoomsAndRandomDirections” gives a little more random shape to the Level.
generationSpawnTypeLegacyLevelGenerationSpawnTypeConfigure how the spawn points of this level are filled the generation. “Ordered rooms” can lead to a clustered distribution of spawnables with limiters. “Random” can lead to a more even distribution of spawnables with limiters.
startingRoomCoordinatePointThis is the coordinate where the first Room of the Level will be created.
Useful if you want to set the first Room at the Level limit or right in the center.