PresetLevelConnectorPointFULL version only

Class in ChivalrousGames.DungeonMaster / Inherits from: MonoBehaviour


Configuration of a LevelConnectorPoint for a PresetRoom


direction Direction The Direction of this LevelConnectorPoint when Room rotation == 0,0,0
configs List<LevelConnectorPointConfig> List of possible configs for this LevelConnectorPoint.
doNotUse bool If this option is checked, the Dungeon will prioritize the creation of any other possible level connection before using this one.
selectedConfig LevelConnectorPointConfig The selected config for this LevelConnectorPoint. This will only work if all conditions for a level connection are met. Ie: there must be another Level with a matching LevelConnector. If empty, randomization will occur as usual.


PresetRoom PresetRoom ReadOnly
The PresetRoom in which this PresetLevelConnectorPoint is located.
LevelConnectorPoint LevelConnectorPoint ReadOnly
The LevelConnectorPoint configured by this PresetLevelConnectorPoint.
RealDirection Direction ReadOnly
The Direction that the LevelConnectorPoint connects toward when Room rotation is taken into account.
Configs List<LevelConnectorPointConfig> ReadOnly
List of possible configs for this LevelConnectorPoint.


public void ResetConfigs();

Resets the configs by loading them from the LevelConnectorPoint.

public bool SelectedConfigValid();
bool True if selected config is valid; otherwise, false

Verifies if the selected config is valid.