SpiralLevelGeneratorFULL version only

Class in ChivalrousGames.DungeonMaster / Inherits from: DefaultLevelGenerator


A level generator that will generate levels using a inward or outward spiral sequence.

Ideal for creating bounded and filled levels such as islands (create water first then move inland with the inward mode).

Also great to create levels where common rooms are spent first and then uncommon rooms are added afterward (common rooms are inside then uncommon rooms are far away using the outward mode).


spiralDirection SpiralDirection The direction the spiral uses to draw itself. Inward will start at the periphery and finish at the center. Outward will start at the center and finish at the periphery.
startingCorner SpiralCorner The spiral’s starting corner. Only used for inward spiral direction. Outward spiral direction always start at the spiral center.
spiralRotation SpiralRotation The rotation the spiral uses to draw itself.
perpendicularAxisStartingPoint int The spiral’s starting point on the perpendicular axis.\nThe perpendicular axis is the axis not part of the spiral plane.
spiralPlane Plane The plane on which the spiral will draw itself. XZ is probably the most commonly used: it will create a top-down spiral.


public override void AfterResetLevelGeneration(Dictionary context);
context Dictionary The level generation context.

Override of the default AfterResetLevelGeneration to prepare SpiralLevelGenerator context