Upcoming Features

These are the upcoming features for the Dungeon Master. These are all subject to change.
Dungeon Master v1.1.0[Unity asset]
Runtime navmesh generation (a Dungeon Master specific solution for each level)
Runtime navmesh generation (a generic solution for users to apply anywhere in their game, even outside of a dungeon)
Configurable space margin between levels: config on the dungeonFULL version only
Implement a light weight "nested prefab" solution
Add a wizard to massively adjust transforms in the scene with precision
Enhance level seed maintenance in the editor and scripts to avoid confusion and simplify common tasks such as randomizing seeds
Unassigned to any version
Rooms of different sizes
Better Journey renderer, sprite based?FULL version only
Dungeon Save
Events system
Multiple characters in Dungeon: teams
IsPositionWithinRoom and GetRoomByPosition improve perf
Randomize the order in which spawn points are filled
Floor up/down method should have an option to determine if next floor is shown centered or not
Floor center option should be done on floor visible rooms rather than all rooms, or at least make it an option
Minimap refactoring: use camera templates
Add an option to hide a type of lock on the mapFULL version only
JourneyCalculator: monobehavior this with a base class so it is easy to extend/replaceFULL version only
New map mode to do a gentle scrolling rather than room jumping, with a pointing arrow rather than a blinking block
Room Map Config and Level Map Config: add a list of ConnectorTypeMapOverride a new class that takes a connector type and then shows a list of locked/unlock map objects to override on a level or room basis
Save as preset room featureFULL version only