Change log

This page lists the various changes between versions
Dungeon Master v1.2.1[Unity asset]
Upgraded to Unity 2018.1
Fixed bug that occured when character was changing room and dungeon is not generating a map
Solved warning messages showing up in editor code since Unity upgrade
Dungeon Master Lite v1.2.0[Unity asset]
Minimap refactoring: use camera templatesFULL version only
New map mode to do a gentle scrolling rather than room jumping, with a pointing arrow rather than a blinking blockFULL version only
Enhancements to room NavMesh cache system
New example scene to mimic the quick setup tutorial video ( request
New feature to save a dungeon generation report as a text fileUser request
Dungeon Master Lite v1.1.1[Unity asset]
New options to control floor changes on the map
New generation type feature for spawnables
New custom properties for spawn points and connector points
Minor optimizations
Bug fixes in Dynamic NavMesh system
Dungeon Master Lite v1.1.0[Unity asset]
Dynamic NavMesh system
Lightweight nested prefabs system
Minor upgrades to seed randomization system
Bug fixes
Dungeon Master Lite v1.0.2a[Unity asset]
Fix minor issues from the inital release
Dungeon Master Lite v1.0.2[Unity asset]
Initial release