This roadmap displays the next steps for Chivalrous Games. Completed projects may be displayed but will be removed after some time. Everything here is subject to change and we do not enforce hard deadlines. This is supplied so you can have an idea of what is coming up and the progress of our current project.
Dungeon Master [Unity asset]
v1.0.0 release Completed
Solve Unity 5.6 compatibility issues and other minor issues of v1.0.0 Completed
Submit v1.0.1 to Unity for review. Completed
v1.0.1 release In progress
Work on version 1.1 plan. Pending
Dungeon Master Lite [Unity asset]
Build feature list of v1.0. In progress
Develop features Pending
Beta test Pending
Solve issues found during beta tests. Pending
Submit asset to Unity asset store. Pending
v1.0 release. Pending
Covert Ops [Boardgame]
Build feature list. Pending
Chronomicon [Video game]
Build feature list. Pending
Pax Deorum [Video game]
Build feature list. Pending

Released Projects

None yet!