Regression bug within Unity

So last month I needed to provide a little less support (yeah!), but an interesting case happened.  A new customer contacted me to tell me something like: "Hey!  I just bought the Dungeon Master, but the example scene doesn't work.  The character keeps falling through the ground.  Might be an issue with Unity 2018.1.5 that just came out?"

Not fun.  I set up a lab with Unity 2018.1.5 and Unity 2018.1.2 in another lab.  And that's right: something happened in that Unity release which breaks some of the physics the Dungeon Master relies on to render levels.  Me = Unhappy.  Basically, when you add colliders at runtime, the physics engine might ignore them completely!

So I opened a bug to Unity and after a couple of weeks they fixed it... in a future release.  I had to annoy them a little though but I can't say if that helped or not!

If you guys are curious, here is the link toward the bug.

The current status is "fixed in a future release" which means that if you use the latest Unity version right now, the bug is still there. Someone at Unity support told me it would come out with one of the Unity 2018.2 releases, but couldn't tell me which one or when it would be available.

So, if you are using physics in your game, I would advise against updating your Unity version.  Stay at 2018.1.1 or 2018.1.2 and wait for the fix to come out.  Otherwise, you have to change the render configs of your levels to "Always" and then generate + render your dungeon in the scene before launching the game, or your character controllers will be pretty unreliable.

I'm following this pretty closely, so I'll tell you guys when the bug is fixed and available.

Talk to you soon!

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