Still nothing

Hey guys!

I thought my life would settle down a bit after moving and, well, it didn’t. But in a very good way though!
At this rate, I don’t think I will work on the Dungeon Master anymore. Unless another surprise occurs that is.

I put September as a target date. If I didn’t touch it then, I will cut down the price and sell it cheap for maybe a year, as is, with lowered support and then deprecate it.

If I have time to update it, well, still going through with the sell cheap and deprecate option about it will be a better end.

I think the time to move on is coming.

Talk to you next month!

2 thoughts on “Still nothing”

  1. Cant sign into your forum – Im not getting a confirmation link sent to me – I have a couple questions? 1# Im not sure how navmeshes and maps get repopulated after editing the village demo #2 It appears you are depreciating the asset – I really liked it and wanted to upgrade from lite to full – would you recommend I start to use something else?

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