Still snoozing

Hey guys!

Absolutely nothing new to report on the Chivalrous Games / Dungeon Master front. Sales are almost down to zero. Ever since the Asset Store was redesigned, the Dungeon Master was pushed back far in terms of exposure. It’s not even present in the Asset Store sales event anymore.

I will let this Dungeon Master year end (that’s in May in case you were wondering) and I will consider my next move then.

Talk to you soon guys!

7 thoughts on “Still snoozing”

  1. I just found your stuff this week, looking for pretty much exactly what you’ve created. I love it, so far. I very much hope not to see Chivalrous Games disappear! <3

  2. From what I am seeing, the Asset Store is a difficult place to make money. There are a few developers who do well but most developers struggle to be noticed and to make money.

    You definitely have created a great asset but from your point of view I could imagine it doesn’t feel like it’s worth the effort. However, sometimes it can be a real sigh of relief when the opportune time arises to easily walk away from something that is a psychological burden hanging over our heads (especially when work and family keeps you busy.)

    Anyways, here are some ideas I am throwing out for you:
    1. Deprecate it and then walk away from it (probably the most tempting.)
    2. Do one last update (simply make sure it works with the latest version of Unity – and *maybe* you had some features that were almost complete and were close to being wrapped up so why waste the code) and set it for a cheaper price and modify the description to indicate it’s “As Is – no further updates”.
    3. Release it open source. I completely understand the reluctance to do this because a) you put hard work into your asset, b) we can be unhappy with some of our code, c) how many people are going to carry on development on it?
    4. Perhaps Unity would like it? They release free kits and it gives it exposure.

    Anyways, what ever you decide to do do it for yourself and your family. You are all #1.

  3. I quickly went to see what planned features you had and I am curious how far along some of them were?

    1. Event listener system
    2. Rooms of different sizes
    3. Better Journey renderer, sprite based
    4. Dungeon Save
    5. Multiple characters in Dungeon: teams
    6. Save as preset room feature

    As far as I can see, the first two are the most useful (I am sure others might disagree.)

  4. Hey Steve!

    I won’t lie to you, option to deprecate is the most tempting as you said. Doing one last update, to fit with the latest Unity version sounds reasonable. Releasing the whole thing open source… I don’t know, would it be considered fair for people who paid for it? As for Unity wanting it, well, I know for a fact that they are not really into it (for reasons that will remain untold). I have insider info since I started working for Unity a year ago. 😉

    Nothing of the list you put in your post is even started. I agree with you that the first two entries are the most useful. The level of complexity for events is really small, but room of different sizes requires a rewrite of the whole thing, so that won’t happen.

    Maybe one last update with events, compatibility with latest Unity version and a price drop before deprecation would be an acceptable colorful finish of the whole Dungeon Master adventure. 🙂 What do you think?

    Thanks a lot for your comment! It’s nice to see some feedback. 🙂

    1. That sounds like a really good plan. The events are very useful so at the very least that would be a good final feature.

      So, two thumbs up on that plan. I think it’s a graceful way to exit.

  5. Oh, and as far as open sourcing it, that could happen a few months after the time you decide to full deprecate it (whenever that will end up being.)

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