Dungeon Master version 1.2.0 coming soon

Hey everyone,
Since the end of the Holidays I have been working on a revamp of the map system for the Dungeon Master. 
Basically, the new system allows to choose how the map behaves for each level.  The map can now scroll smoothly around, following the character which can now be easily represented by an arrow (or any other pointer) on the map. The direction of the arrow is the direction of the main game camera.  This way, it's much easier for the player to determine which direction he is looking at and where exactly he is located on the map.
This new feature is optional, so it is still possible to keep a cursor centered in the current room and have the map jump rather than scroll from one room to another.
Furthermore, this system is now modular.  You don't like it?  You want something different for your game?  No problem!  You can now extend the LevelMapBehavior to create your own customized system!
In this release, I will also add a couple of user requests: the ability to save a dungeon generation report as text and a new example scene based on the Quick Setup Tutorial that can be found on the Chivalrous Games YouTube channel, right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_38Cxa-4wgc
All of this new stuff is well underway, so I should submit the new version for release in February.
Oh, and by the way, the new features for the map are exclusive to the Dungeon Master full edition...
Talk to you soon!

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